Shooting my new Kammerlader (Kammerlader)

av PommyB @, Spokane, Washington, USA, torsdag 3. juli 2014, kl. 03:57 (1628 dager siden) @ Geir

Kruttlapen2, I just googled Spenol, & I think it might be similar. Here's a photo of the rear of the Udderly Smooth jar showing the ingredients;


A friend of mine in Canada introduced me to this product as a bullet lube about two or three years ago. He dips the nose of his .577/.450 M-H & .577 Snider bullets into the cream before chambering the cartridge, & it does a remarkable job of keeping the fouling soft & reduces leading. It is also quite inexpensive at less than $4 for a 12oz (340gm) jar.

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