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Shooting my new Kammerlader (Kammerlader)

av proud.norwegian, torsdag 3. juli 2014, kl. 10:09 (1728 dager siden) @ PommyB
redigert av proud.norwegian, torsdag 3. juli 2014, kl. 10:26

Load: 90 grain Swiss No. 5 ( 1 FG ) topped with 45 grain Polenta corn filler - one card milk carton on top of load.
Using the preloading magnum shotgun containers, from Track of the Wolf.
Under bullet;
One milk carton disk - made with a special tool - ending up like bottle cap - fitting as a sabot, perfect in chamber.
Bullet - either original norwegian - or a experimental round nose bullet.
Grease on top - as you use.
This load print high on 100 meters - hence the norwegians use a replacement sight adjusted to load - and bullet.
We are allowed to use this modification - as we also try to preserve our weapons for the next generation.
My weapon is a nice Hertzberg - cut down and modified at the Norwegian Arms factory.

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