Shooting my new Kammerlader (Kammerlader)

av PommyB @, Spokane, Washington, USA, lørdag 5. juli 2014, kl. 16:00 (1628 dager siden) @ proud.norwegian

Proud Norwegian, I made an extension for my front sight. I was going to remove the original front sight altogether & make a taller replacement, but found that it was 'staked' in place. So I found some modeling clay & made an impression of the front sight by pressing the clay over it. I then melted some Cerrosafe (low melting point alloy for chamber casts, etc.) & pored it into the cavity, this made me a copy of the original blade which I then trimmed & filed to sit on top of the original & super-glued it in place.....the rifle now shoots to the sights (elevation-wise) at 100yds. The sight extension can be removed by applying a little heat to break the bond, so the original sight is undamaged.

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