Webley 1887 i kaliber .455 (Håndvåpen)

av Sshack, torsdag 18. juni 2015, kl. 04:04 (1280 dager siden) @ krutnarr

I have a like Webley MkI from 1888. It is British Navy issue marked. Mine has a shaved cylinder to allow use of .45 ACP. I DO NOT use .45 ACP but handload . 45 auto rimmed brass to 455 specifications and pressures. These are originally black powder revolvers. Many were proofed for Nitro powder and put back to service in the 1st and 2 nd World Wars. Mine is z very nice shooter. It has easy recoil and accurate at 25 to 30 meters anytime. Rugged and dependable with the correct ammunition!

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