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H. Larsen Single shot sporter (Våpensamling)

av Trond ⌂ @, Oslo (nov-mars) Brekkestø resten av året, fredag 30. desember 2016, kl. 01:01 (714 dager siden) @ Old Colt

Well, the problem is that I doubt that it is from Drammen - it looks very much like a Belgium run-of-the-mill Larsen and the caliber more or less confirms that this is something from the mid 1880's. Anyhow, I've written the following to him:

Well, eh - very few around? My grandchildren were here at Christmas and counted 29 different "tennstempel rifles" of a total of 56 Larsen rifles + a number of relics in the basement. I've made a little page on the net on Larsen and it seems that you probably have read it as some of the information you give is difficult to obtain, but in Norwegian, elsewhere. -

The rifle you have might be a bit interesting in all it's simplicity - if it really was produced in Drammen and not just sold through the Drammen store. The barrel is Belgium. The serial number is way to high to be a Drammen produced rifle, on the other hand Mr Larsen was very sloppy with his serial numbers. If it has the Belgium ELG in an oval under the barrel, you're stuck with a max worth of US$ 1400 delivered and including VAT in Norway. Then it just another of the 10-20 000 (or perhaps even more) Belgium made Larsen rifles, and even a rather plain and slightly tatty one of them - produced between 1877 and 1886.

If, however, it does not have the ELG anywhere, then it just might be a bit more exiting, but hardly enough for US$ 3000 + freight + VAT.

Some Larsen tennstempel rifles are scarce, the ones with the stock of one continues piece of wood and the ones with the hammer placed in the middle of the rifle. Even more scarce are the one with one piece of wood and the hammer in the middle:


Here the top one has a continues stock all the way, but a conventional placing of the hammer. The second one has the conventional parted stock by the lock, but the centre placed hammer. The third one has everything! Central placed hammer + one continues stock all the way. These are more worth than the ones made in the thousands!


Here I've picked out the two top ones with virtually the identical mechanism of the one offered for sale in the US, but... Both of these are proven to be made in Drammen. The caliber shows that they at the latest are from 1885, but probably from the late 1870's and they are gorgeous! Beautifully carved, all the extras etc. These are worth just about what is asked for the one for sale (+).

The third one is an ultra rare one. I have one almost identical for paper cartridges, this one is for conventional ones. I've not managed to find the patent date for either of the last two, but my guess is that the first one must be from somewhere between 1861 and 1864, the one on the picture here is most probably something on special order from about 1870. I paid the equivalent of US$ 5000 for this one some 10-15 years ago, still believing it is a one-off.

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