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H. Larsen Single shot sporter (Våpensamling)

av Trond ⌂ @, Oslo (nov-mars) Brekkestø resten av året, fredag 30. desember 2016, kl. 11:28 (817 dager siden) @ Trond

I see that the resolution is not good enough to see the wonderful details on the two pictures in the last posting. Hopefully these will be somewhat better. I've also added a forth rifle in order to "prove" that even these fantastic pieces of workmanship and quality still are to be found in pretty nice condition.


#1 & #4 have a lot in common. #2 also has a beautiful fluted barrel. #3 has wonderful engraving and a lovely stags heat with glass eyes carved on the bottom of the rear stock.


The six (ok - seven) rifles I show here are of serious high quality, are either ultra rare or extremely lavishly decorated - or both. And rifles like these will demand a serious price. Belgium run-of-the-mill by the many thousands are, even if they are of Larsen design - still just another mass produced civilian rifle. Of high quality? Definitely! But value? Less than half what is stated + shipping and VAT costs in Norway.

Norwegian Military Small-arms 1604-WW2


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