Alder/verdi hagle W.W. Greener (Identifisering)

av smell, onsdag 2. juni 2010, kl. 11:17 (2852 dager siden)

i have been owner of an old shotgun after my grandfather and would like to know something about it. production year, value etc if you can help me. i send some photos too.. the number on the gun standing behind the trigger and other places are 48926- 562 and its some txt between the barrels on top that says "W.W Greener ST.marys square birmingham. winner at all gun(something)1875 to 1891. hope this is enough too tell me something about the shotgun. it has been repaired with metalplates sometime long ago on the stock as you see on picture..

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Alder/verdi hagle W.W. Greener

av The Norwegian ⌂ @, Vestfold, torsdag 3. juni 2010, kl. 09:29 (2851 dager siden) @ smell

Skriv ned serie nr og modell, så skal jeg sjekke den opp for deg, har boka til Greener.

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Alder/verdi hagle W.W. Greener

av Browning08, lørdag 5. juni 2010, kl. 20:36 (2848 dager siden) @ smell

Take a look at this link:
It would help a lot with some pictures and perhaps also a little on the history behind your ownership.

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