Husqvarna model 24 in 500/450 BPE 2-3/4"

Started by Smokepole50, 18. March 2021 kl. 16:39:02

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I own three of these rolling block rifles. I am trying to find out all I can about these rifles. I am currently making brass from 470 Nitro brass.

From my reading it looks like these barrels are rifled for paper patch bullets.
Has anyone had success loading for them with grease groove bullets.

I have many questions that I will save for later.....

Thanks in advance.....



Well.....after looking around on the forum more completely I see that maybe I should have posted in the English section.......

Maybe I will just post a picture here as a start.....

Old Colt

Hi Randall,

I picture is always a good start! :-) When you say model 24, you refer to the Martini Henry based rifle, right? That is technically a falling block, not  a rolling block. Lucky you, having three! I have only one... ;-)

Kind regards, Old Colt


Here is a picture of the 500-450 BPE RB made by Husqvarna


Very Nice! This could be modell 5 express. The modell 24 has the Martini Henry recivers.
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Here is another [picture.....couple Bird Rifles also


Very Nice rifles! Are all of them in 500/450#1?
I have several modell 5 express myself, but none of them are in that caliber.
But I have other Husqvarnas in 500/450#1 and have had different results with greasegrove bullets. Best luck with paper patching.
"a rifle without hammers, is like a Spaniel without ears" Edward VII


I know for sure that two of them are 500/450 #1 as I have done chamber casts on them. The 3rd #5 rifle I believe to be a 500/450 also as a fire formed case from one of the other rifles fits the chamber but the rim is a bit tight... probably just a chambering variance. I need to chamber cast that rifle as well.

What was you black powder load with the 500/450 BPE and how did you assemble it??

I am using Swiss 1 1/2F...100gr with a card wad base and bees wax foundation sealing layer just above the powder for extra lubrication. I really haven't spent a lot of time with these rifles and have been playing with other Swedish RB's in 12.7x 42 & 44, 9.3 x57R/360, a Danish C.L.Witte  Rem. copy I restored in 40-65 and a Rem. Contract rifle that started as a 1967 12.7 x 44 that was converted over the to a 50-90.

Trying to do to much at once I think.....


I was thinking these might be Model 27 rifles as the barrels are round and heavy
Not sure why I originally said mod. 24, old age I guess


My loads are very similar to youre.
I think the mod 27 express have a 92cm long and heavy barrel. 6,5 kg
Barrells on the 5 express is 72cm and heavy. But as allways with Husqvarna, they made alot of rifles to customers wish.
"a rifle without hammers, is like a Spaniel without ears" Edward VII