Danish Remington Case Problem

Started by Bookie, 16. September 2007 kl. 19:00:04

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Can any of you black powder cartridge shooters out there help with this problem, please?  I own and shoot a Danish made Remington.  I am fortunate to have the bayonet, original case depriming tool, and a bullet mold for this rifle.  Since my original Berdan primer cases [of 1914 vintage] are too valuable to keep reusing, so I make my cases from American .47-70 brass. The problem is: often the cases split halfway between the bullet and the case rim.  

The load is 55 grains of FFG with a Federal 215 primer.  The bullet is from a mold as issued by the Danish Army.  The cases were annealed before conversion to prevent work hardening. Can this split be caused by the chamber being out of round?  Visually, I find no evidence of cracking or any other type of deformity.  Cheers,  Bookie


I think the problem may be that 45-70 cases actually are a bit too small for the Danish Remington. In many guns the cases expands too much and splits. I guess it would be better to get the right cases. I think Bertram has 11.7X51 Danish brass. If you order from him personally you won't get ripped off.

His e-mail address is posted in the Swedish Remington thread.

Good luck! :ok:


Thanks for the info, Krag.  I have bought from Bertram before to feed my .45-110 Sharps.  

They are good heavy duty cases.  Bookie


> Thanks for the info, Krag.  I have bought from Bertram before to feed my
> .45-110 Sharps.  They are good heavy duty cases.  

Contact Buffalo Arms in Idaho.  

They make cases of proper specs from .348 Win. brass.  Much less expensive than Bertram and less prone to failure.  

ALl of the brass I have ever purchased from Bertram has failed after fewer than five reloadings.


Bookie, I use Winchester and Remington 45-70 case and prep them as follows before shooting.

I made up a .462" (undercut plug so there is only 1/4" of .462" bearing surface) expander plug.  I then lube inside of case with Imperial sizing die wax )and run the expander plug into the case about 3/8" from the bottom inside of case until the walls buldge out to .514"

I seat bullets with a RCBS seater die and only neck size with a 45 ACP FL die 3/8"

I load the Lee 405 grain hollow base 45-70 bullet that drops .4625" in 30-1 composition.

I have two loads:
24 grains of aliant A2400 with a Lee Liquid Alox lubed bullet.
SPG lubed 405 lee bullet over a duplex load of 5 grains Hodgen H4350 and 55 grains of swiss 1.5

Both are nice loads and yield 2-3 MOA accuracy out of my rough bore Dane roller.

I have not had one case split on me in 400 firing up to 3 reloads each.

Hope this helps