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Started by J-K, 20. January 2008 kl. 19:22:47

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Can anyone please tell me about how much I could expect to pay for a Model 1849-55 Kammerlader in the U.S. ? I would be looking for one in about very good condition.

Just curious as to how much I will have to save up :-P

Many thanks, John


All the kammerladers i have seen for sale in the US have been extremely expensive. That in adition to the fact that all of them have been modified and worn out i would not recomend to buy a kammerlader there.

I know that a lot of people in Norway hate it when other Norwegian sell this kinds of guns out of the country. Therefore a good solution for you could be to look for a German or Belgium made kammerlader in Norway, that should not be imposible.

This way everybody can be happy! :-D

Good luck!


Well i have seen not much Kammerlader rifle in the USA web site but prices are from 1900, for weapons in not brilliant condition, to more or 3.000$ for mint examples but of the most common models.

Don't rry to ask to a Norwegin to sell a Kammerlader he can be killed by other Nrske collectors :-D



I know that a lot of people in Norway hate it when other Norwegian sell this kinds of guns out of the country.

Thank you very much for your replies gentlemen.

And I will listen to your warnings! To tell you the truth, I think the Norwegian collectors and others who wish to keep their weapons (= history) in their homeland are very wise indeed.

And if I find a nice non-Norwegian Kammerlader, that will be just fine with me. :-D :-D

Best wishes, John


Take a look at this Website.  Fifth rifle down.  I have no idea if it is 100% original but the chaps on this site can help you there if you are interested.  Price is :surprised: though....

I purchased a rifle from this company recently and had it exported back to Europe.  It was all handled very professionally.
Give me iron, steel and wood!  Tupperware guns are for losers!

My website, growing entry by entry:http://www.militarygunsofeurope.eu[/url]


The rifle mention above is most likey an ok shooter. We can`t see inside the barrel, but the rifling is so large that it will most likely be ok for shooting. It looks original, but it have seen a lot of use during the years. The barrel is almost shining where it should have been nice and brown. The stock looks ok.

The price is outrageous!!! :surprised:

On the  other hand, this is an original M1859, with only 2 brass bands made at Kongsberg in Norway, so don`t go near it!! ;-)


> The price is outrageous!!! :surprised:

Yes, I thought the price to be a "wee bit on the high side" myself. That is the reason I thought it best to check here, and get some expert opinions.

John :-D


A week ago I have in my hand Kammerlad gevär made in Belgie liege.
Price with bajonet was 1000 euros so abr 1500$. Condition of the weapon was not bad i cold say nearly exellent.

I have more pictures. If some one is interested the rifle is in finland and no problem to post it


Hello Mauser,

Yes, I would like to see more pictures please. If you could post some, or send them to me at jkeiden@idcnet.com

Many thanks, John

jæger justnæs

Hello Mauser. That chamberloader is a SWEDISH M1851.

They are probably good shooters as they come with a smaller bore diameter than the Norwegian ones.
Best når det smeller!


Damn Mauser you are one of the luky men to have a Swedish M1851 Navy rifle:-) Seen only in some auctions sites in Sweden.



Sorry my bad english
It is not mine
It is for sale in finland
I do not by it

It is not rare in finland and in auctions in sweden there are normally one or two for sale


Jon Braun

Hei John  

My name is jon braun i live in Florida.  

I have 2 rifles I am thinken about to sell 1 is a kammerlader 1849/55 navy
rimfire exelent condition    and 1 remington M1867 centerfire   both came from norway long time ago

if you or banyone els are interested in more info lett me know