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Started by Dutch van California, 07. May 2008 kl. 5:50:59

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Dutch van California

Hello Øyvind

I'm glad to see this English forum. We poor monolinguist Americans need a source for more information on the Swedish rolling blocks. You and I have had email but was long time ago. I did some English translation for your Swedish rolling block page. Eight or nine years ago.

I see a couple familiar names here:-) JK, Fabian & Krag are familiar.

1867-74 Swedish rolling block

Loading the 12,7x44R

Rolling block failures.. including the recent one in Sweden.



Hi Dutch and welcome!!
Stupid me realized this english version of Öyvinds forum this week! Better late

than never.


Hi Dutch, yep this is another of my lurking places :waving:
Give me iron, steel and wood!  Tupperware guns are for losers!

My website, growing entry by entry:[/url]


Greetings Dutch,
Glad you could make it.