pelletised black powder

Started by fireexit1, 28. September 2008 kl. 15:29:44

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HI All.

Last time I was in France I noticed that people had "charges" of black powder in pellets - these were available in either .36 or .44 I was dissapointed to find that they were very expensive, and this fact coupled with the issues of bringing them back on the car ferry I decided not to buy any.

As I have lots of black powder I was wondering if anyone here has ever made their own pellets of black powder ?

all the best


I know that pyrodex comes in compressed pellets, have you tried that?

(yes, I know pyrodex is heresy but it might be convenient with UK regs)
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Ah - well would you believe that you can't get that in the UK either... there must be a way of making them - I was going to try egg white (as no-body would notice the smell)