My new martini

Started by 6mmintl, 22. October 2009 kl. 0:32:19

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Just picked this up in trade from my friend Ron, needed a little work. Trigger (now 2lbs) , buttstock bedding, front sight tightening/tune-up, recontour/shortening of an unfinished/bent original lever

1960/70s Navy Arms conversion of a W.W. Greener (Indian Govt. shotgun) Martini action that has been rebarreled in 45-70 (23/24" Twist) and has a pristine bore.

I recontoured the octagon barrel to a round shape from front of forestock to muzzle, will refinish wood and barrel in the future.

Just replaced the rear sight with a c Sharps arms mid range after machining/epoxying in a aluminum pillar for new sight not shown, will replace front sight with browning BPCR spirit level sight.

Interesting adaptation of a Refield micrometer sight staff for a front sight..

Does anyone know of/have one of these? Info?

Frank, Redwood City, Ca. U.S.A.


Check here, I'm sure someone will know!
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