Kammerlader ponderings

Started by Fabian23, 03. September 2007 kl. 11:31:19

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colonial nic

I have just bought a beautiful Kammerlader :) I will post photos when I get the rifle so you can hopefully tell me the correct model it is. It is the .69 calibre one though.

Do you still have a blank rear sight available I could buy?

Also, do you have one of your moulds for the conical bullet available, or know if LEE would make me one using the plans you gave them?

Excited to be on this forum :)

Nic (Australia)

Wilfried Wölffel

Hallo, sind Sie so freundlich und können Sie mir ein paar Fotos senden
vom norwegischem Kammerlader insbesondere vom vorderschaft und von den Laufbändern
vielen Dank
mit freundlichen Sammlergrüssen

The Norwegian

It probebly be more easy to understand what you are talking about, if you writh in inglish Wilfried Wölffel
Min hjemme side http://www.gammlevaapen.net
Formann i Søndre Vestfold Svartkruttlaug
Net side til svartkrutt klubb i Vestfold www.sondrevestfoldsvartkruttlaug.net

colonial nic

Es is glucklich das ich verstehe ein bisschen Deutsch! Haha. I have found out that mine is the 1846/55 version. It is in almost mint condition. If you gve me your email address I can send you some photos.