European blackpowder weapon markets

Started by Wiley, 13. August 2017 kl. 10:53:04

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I am looking for a Snider rifle, but there was only one for sale in Germany, at egun auction. Of course IMA-USA sells them, but the shipping costs are outrageous. What are the best shops in Europe to find black powder weapons?

Chris Reid

Dear Wiley.

If you are looking for a Snider the UK is full of them. They can be purchased here without a licence as they are deemed to be "obsolete" and ammunition is not readily available.

I am not sure but do not believe that they are subject to export restrictions but don't know of their legal status in your country.

We do have RFD (dealers) here who manage import/export if this is needed.



I also recommend looking for them in UK. I'm located in Poland and I bought black powder guns from UK (a shotgun and a Kammerlader). I had no issues with customs. As Chris said those guns are considered obsolete in UK.

However, it is worth mentioning I had to use a moving company that specialises in transporting "unusual" items to ship one of the guns as it was purchased directly from the owner and not a gun broker. No shipping company (I contacted all of them) wanted to have anything to do with shipping a gun from one private person to another. I also contacted a company that specialises in gun exports from UK, but the price didn't make sense for that gun(a couple hundred £) . In the end I found the moving company that were happy to do it for a price similar to cost of sending a normal parcel.

When I bought my Kammerlader from UK it was sold by a gun dealer. He used his own shipping which was reasonably priced.

Cap'n Redneck

Sniders turn up at Swedish gun auctions from time to time.  They are subject to registration in Sweden as they chamber gas-tight brass cartridges, but the auction companies are mostly helpful with providing export licences.

WalterBorg AB holds two large annual gun auctions, one in May and one in November.
Sålenge det er bly i lufta, er det fortsatt håp......



On the Catawiki net auction there is a three band Enfield Snider for sale now. The auction is ending tomorrow. You have to register first, if not already done.