28 gauge rolling block shotgun

Started by litenkristian, 02. April 2011 kl. 15:28:44

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hi, i own an 1874 rolling block which has been converted to 28 gauge shotgun caliber. the barrel has straight rifling.

can anyone give me some information about this type of shotgun? i can only find information on internet about the normal 12,17 and 12,7mm rifles but not the shotgun.

i would like to use it to shoot lead bullets in brass 28 gauge magtech shells.

does anyone know what the diameter of the barrel is?

someone i know suggested i should put the lead bullet inside a plastic shotcup and make the cartriges like shotgun cartridges, but i would like to know if i can use a bullet direct in the brass cartridge (either paper patched, or a bullet with grease grooves)

sofar i have only found 1 information about powder/load. it says 1.5 or 2 drams of FFg black powder, and 3/4 ounce of shot.

ofcourse it is not easy to find a bullet that is 3/4 ounce, so how do i find out the right amount of black powder for a bullet.

i tried calculating it using the "equal volume loads", taking into account that 1/2 of the volume of shot is air, and 1/2 of the volume is lead. is it correct to calculate blackpowder loads like this?

i hope someone can give me some information or point me where i can find information, as no one i know has knowledge of blackpowder guns/shotguns/rifles :-(


i managed to measure the chamber and barrel.

the chamber is 28 gauge, 65mm long.
the barrel is .58 across the grooves, and .56 across the lands.

i guess that automatically means i cannot use a bullet in a brass shell. as usually brass shells are .55 inside diameter

i think the only way to shoot bullets with it is to put them inside a 28gauge shot cup and hope the shot cup will seal the barrel :-(

The Norwegian

The Remington rolling block you have is a Swedish one right? Because they had a lot of the straight bullit rilfles for big game hunting, moose, raindear and animals on that size:) it is ment for 1 lead bullit only
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yes it is a swedish one. the action is marked with a C with a crown above it. so that would be carl gustav factory.

do you know what cartridge they used? the chamber is made for a 28 gauge shell like shotgun shells 65mm long. but the rest of the barrel is .58 with straight rifling.

frans spies

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i think you can do that also
measure the front of your barrel in inches and that is your moldsize
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frans spies
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