L.H. Hagen & Co.

Started by jke, 22. May 2011 kl. 22:38:58

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Can anyone please tell me the year when the L.H. Hagen & Co. Sportsartikler went out of bussiness.

Thank You, John

jæger justnæs

As far as I know, the outfitter's store shut in 1953.
The gunsmith/repair business went on in smaller scale and still excists as "Hagen Bøssemakerverksted" listed in the category "Repair of metal products". It is a one man business by Mr. Jan-Magne Hoel.


Let me add som spice to the soup; a L.H. Hagen rolling block in 10,15x61R
Best når det smeller!


Hello JJ,

Thank you very much for the information. And thank you for the spice! the soup is much better with it. :-D
That is a outstanding rolling block.