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Started by Jan van Gelderen, 28. December 2011 kl. 17:33:11

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Jan van Gelderen

Mr. Flatnes,

Because you do not mention your e-mail address on your website and because I could not manage to send you an e-mail via the interface of your website :-( , I put the following message on this forum:

As a gun collector I try to give an overview of the rifles that has been used by the armies of Western Europe on my website Actually it is more or less a catalogue of my own collection but I do my very best to publish only correct information.

Information about Scandinavian military rifles in the Dutch-, German-, French-, or even the English language is hard to find. This is why I combined the fragmented information from several unreliable sources which had led to some info. Only, I have my doubts if it's reliable and correct information.

I also used the website of Trond Wikborg, and your website as a source of information. See the tabs Norway and Sweden on Therefore I have 2 questions:
1.   Would you please be so kind to have a look at my website (Sweden and Norway) to see if you can find any inaccuracies. (By this, other readers are also invited)
2.   Do you have any objections that I mention your name and website as a source of information?

With regards,

Jan van Gelderen

Øyvind F.


Sure, I'll take a look. Have you asked T. Wikborg to have a look at it as well? He's more of a collector than I am.

I have no problem that you cite me as source.
Øyvind F. - forum admin
Ta også en kikk på

Jan van Gelderen

Thank you for your response and permission,

Yes, I have already contacted Mr. Wikbourg and he helped me to improve the content on my "Norway" page. I used also as a source and experienced that all those model-, and calibre designations of several countries are rather confusing. (The pre WW-II Dutchmen were also very good in confusing designations but I have good documentation about this subject which helps a lot)

I find your explanations on your website/forum about the several calibres very informational and valuable. It seems to me that you are well informed about the subject which I am not. I hope you will spend a few minutes in reading my website "Norway" (and Swedish, Denmark?) page(s). If you think it contains good and reliable information than there's nothing to be ashamed of. If you think it's not, than I would be very grateful for your suggestions to improve it.

With regards,

Jan van Gelderen