Fotos of rifles are needed.

Started by Mauser, 11. January 2012 kl. 15:56:32

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Hello all
I am making the book of European Militry rifles 1867-1886.
Main parts of rifles I do have in my collection.
Some are missing and those are so expensive I am not able to by.
Weapons I need pictures are as follows:
-French Trabatiere
- French Navy kroptschek 11 mm
- Serbian mauser 10.4 mm
- Portugal guerdes 11 mm ?
- French Lebel - kropatschek 11 mm
I hope some one can help me to get pictures.

Ad Opheij

Hello Mauser

Do you stil need some foto's?

If you do, let me no from witch rifles.


Ad Opheij
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