Bullets for Vetterli

Started by Tommy Hallgren, 13. January 2012 kl. 21:52:12

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Tommy Hallgren

I got an Swiss Vetterli rifle mod 1869. I tried several bullets but only found that they are to short to work in the action. I need to get a long bullet, anybody whom got any good exerience to share on this subject. thanks


Hi Tommy,
           Been shooting the vett a couple of years now, just designed my own bullet molds, have a look on "accurate molds" website and see what you think?
          I started with the Lee 310 grn mold and got some good results at 50 m. but found it unstable at 100m so I more or less copid the origanal without the hollow base.


Hello Tommy
I is long time ago Iwas shooting the Vetterli.
I measured small caliber was 10.40 mm
Big caliber was 10.80 mm
Weight of bullet was 350 grain
The chamber of Vetterli is good so you are able to put ower sized bullet to brass.
If I remember right bullet diameter was 10.92 mm led with groves.
Loading was 37 grains SW #3.
It vas accurat 10 cm group/ 100 m
Only broblem was sights it is difficult adjust.
Broblem with old rifles are lading of the barrel.
I recomend to use paper patched bullet
Bullet diameter 10.40 mm + paper 2 round 0.1 mm
Lykka till


I use a ex leemould bullet: hollowbase 3 greas groves 290 gn
or a 300 gn ex lyman with gascheck 1 grove they work very well all sized .430
cases I make from .348 win or from 8mm lebel ex privi partizan ,or from hornheber italian vetterli cases
I only use nitro from vhita n110 or n340 (low pressure loads) and put  3 gn of dacron fluff over the load as a primer keeper (overflash)
use same combinations on the milbank amsler (pre vetterli trapdoor rifle )transformed to centerfire
greetings from flanders