fotos of European military rifles 1867-1886

Started by Mauser, 03. May 2012 kl. 12:25:34

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Hello All
I am making the book of European military rifles 1867-1886.
I will make it in Finnish language.
May be if the finnish wesion is god I'll make in english too.
Book will not be foto callery it is more informative.
I have my own collection ab 20 rifles.
For this book I need pictures of some rifles
I do not have pictures of several snider rifles.
also I need Krag-pettersson rifle both Norvegian and Danish.
pls contact me if you are able to help me.
Paavo Raukko.


Hello Pavvo

Your book sounds interesting. I am probably too late but I have an original 2 band .577 Snider with a Poilvache Action. I believe it to be a Converted Enfield Sergeant's rifle (Brevete) which has been converted in Liege to a breach loader. However it does not have British military markings.It does, incidentally, shoot very well but the reloading is a definite art.

If pictures of this rifle and mechanism/lock are of interest you would be most welcome to them.


Only just found the Forum 1/12/12