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Started by loadedbutbroke, 02. December 2012 kl. 10:14:59

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I hope this topic has not been covered elsewhere so apologies if it has.

I am about to obtain (for the first time)a .45 calibre rifled flintlock pistol (Ardesa William Parker Match). I have been getting various, lets say contrasting, advice on how best to load it.

I have Kranks Fine Black powder. My questions are these:

Is it best to use a patched ball or to simply seat a ball on the powder?
If I don't use a patch will I have a problem with fouling?
Should I lubricate the ball?
If so with what?.

Moving on is a minie ball or bullet a better option?

Any other tips on using a flintlock most gratefully received.


Øyvind F.

Most if not all match shooters load rifled muzzle-loading pistols with patched roundballs. The patch is lubricated with a thin coat of oil or black powder lubricant. Another option is to moisten it with water or saliva. If you don't use a patch the ball won't grip the rifling properly and accuracy will be poor.

Use a slightly undersized ball of pure lead and a .010" to .015" patch.

Most pistols shoot best with light loads. Try charges in the 15 to 25 grains range.

Although featuring a percussion pistol, this video gives you an idea on how to load your pistol:

[flash width=640 height=360]http://www.youtube.com/v/FEEfgwWfhb0?version=3&hl=en_US[/flash]

Good luck!
Øyvind F. - forum admin
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Hi. Thank you for that, which complies with my loading technique for my .45 patch ball rifle. However that is a percussion gun and I press the ball and patch down hard on the powder. I have read that with a flintlock you should not compress the powder as it slows up ignition. Further the flash hole should not be filled with the fine powder for similar reasons.

Any advice gratefully received.