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Started by Øyvind F., 03. April 2013 kl. 9:16:54

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Øyvind F.

I've just sent off the manuscript for a new book entitled From Musket to Metallic Cartridge: A Practical History of Black Powder Firearms to the publisher. It will be published in late 2013, probably in November – both as hardback and ebook.

The book covers practically all types of black powder shooting and the history and historical use of the firearms, from matchlock muskets to breech-loading rifles and cartridge revolvers. If you're interested you can submit your email address on this page and I'll notify you when it's available. Perhaps you'll get a good offer too! :knegge:

Illustrated with hundreds of high-quality photographs and drawings, you can read about the most common Scandinavian firearms, such as the kammerlader, 12mm Remington rolling block, Jarmann, Krag-Petersson and 7.5mm Nagant, as well as the Prussian Dreyse, French Chassepot, German Mauser 71 and 71/84, Sharps percussion and cartridge rifles, rifle and smooth-bore muskets, shotguns, pistols, percussion revolvers, shotguns. In addition the book has chapters on loading black powder cartridges (including pinfire and rimfire cartridges), hunting, how to sight in and make the most of your black powder firearm, paper patching and bullet casting. The list goes on and on ...

Here's a picture I took before the text and images were sent to England. Hope you'll enjoy it :)

Remember to sign up for more information!

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Gwyn Jones

Øyvind F.

Here's a trailer that shows what the book is about:

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Øyvind F.

And now it's published! :-D

Please note that the hardcover edition will not be published in the US and Canada until 1 March 2014, but you can of course get it from a European bookstore.

You can get it from me or a number of bookstores all over the world, such as Amazon or the publisher. Amazon also let you read the first chapter for free. Simply click the Amazon link below and select "Look inside".

Here are some links:

From Musket to Metallic Cartridge is also available as an ebook, both in Kindle and epub format.

Some quick facts about the book:

  • Publication date: 29 Nov. 2013
  • Publisher: The Crowood Press
  •  Format: 25x19cm (10x7.5in)
  • Pages: 240
  •  Images: 265
  •  Binding: Hardcover
  •  Rec. retail price: £29.95 ($48)
  • Ebook format: Mobi and ePub
  •  ISBN: 978-1847975935
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jæger justnæs

Mine arrived yesterday. So far I've just had a quick browse but the impressieon is that the book is very good. Lots of interesting stuff covered, supplied with quality pictures and illustrations. Thanks a lot for your effort in making this book, Øyvind! :ok:

Best regards, Tor
Best når det smeller!

Craig McNeill

Question. I purchased two of your books through Amazon a while back when they were doing a two book special. I have not yet received anything from them? Should I contact them about it again or wait till March to see what happened to my order???

Øyvind F.

Hi Craig,

If you ordered from you will have to wait until March since the US and Canadian release date is 1 March 2014, but orders from one of the European Amazon stores (, .de, .it, .fr) should have been shipped by now.

Hope you like it!
Øyvind F. - forum admin
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Øyvind F.

Those of you in America who can't wait until 1 March, can now get From Musket to Metallic Cartridge from Buffalo Arms:
Øyvind F. - forum admin
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