Norwegian cartridges?

Started by Alvin Olson, 18. June 2013 kl. 20:56:48

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Alvin Olson

I have three cartridges that have Norway Governmental headstamps - as in "Cartridge Headstamp Guide", by White and Munhall.
1. h/s - X as on their number 1922
2. h/s RP  two crowns  and 00 as on their number 1587
3. h/s RP   19   00   and 3 as on their number1590
They refer to as on "10.15mm Jarmann", and the cartridges are of 37mm or 38mm case length, not 59mm or 61mm.All have the Mauser type "A Base" with the center portion raised.
All have what appears to be a round ball loading, with a case cannelure about 6mm below the case mouth.
Rim - 15.49 to 15.60mm
Head - 13.74 to 13.90mm
Between slightly 'rolled in' case mouth and cannelure - 13.49 to 13.60mm
Case length - 37 t0 38mm
I can find no definite information about their use.  Also I found reference to "11mm Danish", but no information about that.

Thanks for any assistance,
Alvin Olson

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I'm sure that a couple of pictures would be of great help :-)

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