Want to know the value of a pistol 1769

Started by nargiza, 12. October 2009 kl. 3:51:10

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I would like to know the value of an Enfield pistol? made in 1769.


It can't have been made in 1769 as the lock bears both the Enfield stamp, and the Royal Small Arms factory was not established there until the 1800s, and the cypher of Queen Victoria who ruled from 1837 to 1901.  The lock appears to be typical of Enfield percussion locks and the overall style seems to be that of a typical Enfield Percussion pistols made between 1853 and 1860.  It appears to have wound up in native hands though, and I suspect the 1769 was added later to enhance value on the souvenir market.

A second look at the markings suggest that they are bogus, as the cypher does not look quite right, and the lettering and numbering for 1769 Enfield does not appear to be 19th century, let alone 18th century.  I think this was probably made by the local gunsmith trade in Afganistan or one of the native arsenals of the old Raj dependent kingdoms.
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Yep, sad to say this is a tourist knock-off of an original cavalry pistol.  Don't even think about firing it.
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