12.7x44R (CF) or 12.17x42R (CF) Information

Started by 762x51, 26. April 2015 kl. 11:38:48

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I have been trying to find information and drawings on both of these cartridges and there simply isn't very much information on the WEB that came from ORIGINAL government or factory data.

Here is some of what I have found and I hope some of the board readers will add to this information. If you have ANY original drawings or copies of text regarding this subject would you PLEASE post it here.

To begin lets discuss why the round is now referred to as 12.7mm. Please take a look at this drawing I made of the rifling in my M1867 rolling block and comment on the note.

Here is a French drawing I have found of the projectile:

And a drawing of unknown origin of the cartridge. If anyone has an original drawing of the cartridge please post it here.

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Øyvind F.

Here is the original cartridge and bullet:

The bullet you have posted above is a civilian variation.

Regarding the cartridge designation, the official Norwegian designation was '12 mm Remington' from 1879 after the metric system was adopted. Original rifles vary, and the designation is nominal.

I write more about the 12 mm rifles and calibre in my book From Musket to Metallic Cartridge, available from Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Musket-Metallic-Cartridge-Oyvind-Flatnes/dp/1847975933/
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Just noticed the note at the bottom of the drawing:

maalene i decimale linier or in English - Dimensions in DECIMAL LINIER

Norwegian or Swedish measure?

Do you have a conversion factor for this unit of measure. A quick internet search returns nothing.



PS: Just ordered your book from Amazon and should have it by Wednesday.

Øyvind F.

Here is the drawing of the original chamber. The measurements are in Norwegian decimal lines, i.e. one tenth of an inch:

1 Norwegian decimal linje equals 3,1375 mm as far as I can remember. I'll check my literature later.
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Ta også en kikk på kammerlader.no.