Remington Rolling Block carbine in 577/450.

Started by Clive, 24. May 2015 kl. 10:40:49

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I apologise for my ignorance, but have been given the address of this Forum on my usual Brit Mil Forum.
I have been offered a Remington Rolling Block Carbine made in Sweden, but with fixed rear sights and apparently in 577/450 calibre ( I collect carbines in this calibre).
Given the history and manufacture of these guns this seems a very strange calibre for use in Sweden/Norway.
Can any of your members throw any light on this matter? Thank you.

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Welcome to the forum, Clive!
Have you measured or made a chamber cast? A good deal of odd caliber rifles are to be found in Scandinavia. Huqvarna and others chambered for various cartridges upon request. Quite often .450 Express, .500 Express, .500/.450 No. 1 and 2, etc. People ordere rifles chambered for popular ant easy oblainable cartridges. It may seem that xpress cartridges etc. was very popular for a longer period.  I think the base of the MH .577/.450 is a bit wider than the block. Husqvarna made a series of MH action ifles in this calibre.
Please upload a picture of your rifle :-)

You might find these sites of interest:
An overview of the different models, rifles a bit down. Catalogue/most common calibres listed.
Trond's site, here presenting rifles by gunmaker Hans Larsen of Drammen, Norway. Sadly, little information about calibres.
There is quite a bit on the Norwegian forum part as well.
I hope this was helpful.
Bonne chance!

Best regards, Tor
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Thank you Tor for your prompt and informative reply.

The gun is at a dealers in England and I am in France, its a public holiday today too so a lot of delays.

In British long guns being fitted with fixed sights indicate a smoothbored weapon, a shotgun. Would fixed sights be fitted there to a carbine firing ball ammunition?

I cannot get a reply from the dealer at the moment.


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This is a tough question to answer without further details, preferably prhotographs.
Until the rifle arrives at your place we can only make educated guesses.
It might be a sleeved shotgun barrel or the previous owner wanted a fixed sight for his rifle.

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Thanks again Tor. I have posed all the questions to the dealer and asked his permission to put his photos on this site. Have not yet heard back from him.

Your assistance is greatly appreciated and I have nothing but praise for this site and its members.

Merci beaucoup,


Hi Clive,

I would be suspect of the rifle being 577/450 as the rim diameter of that cartridge is 19,30 mm and I just measured my 12.7x44R Rolling Block's breech face and it's 18,0 mm (+/-) wide.

The Brit's made a lot of weapons for .410 shotshell which has a base diameter of about 13,40 mm and I wonder if the dealer has made a mistake in his measurements.



If it is an original shotgun action, the inside walls of the receiver would have been opened up to accept wider breechblock with "ears."