Husqvarna mod 7 breach block

Started by Sshack, 16. June 2015 kl. 23:08:10

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I recently purchased a Husqvarna mod 7 12.7x44 .it is a nice commercial model, but the rolling breach block face has been altered crudely. I feel it is not safe as it doesn't close evenly on the breach.
What other Remington, Swede, other rolling block parts will fit this rifle? I have found an Egyptian Rolling block breach block for sale. Will that interchange?


I saw that one for sale.  Looks like the thumbpiece has been crudely repaired. Perhaps you could have a machinist cut back the damaged face of the original block and fit a good steel plate that mates with face of breech?


Thanks Rudybolla,
I have found two smiths that said they can do this. Hardcastle custom machine in New Mexico. They specialize in Rolling blocks and BP singleshots.talked with the owner. Seems to know his stuff. Also Kody Kercher in Oregon. He took over most of the work from Keith Kercher. Famous for restoration of classics doble shotguns and rifles.specialty in Damascus barrel finishes and color case hardening.