Started by Ron Wehmeyer, 06. June 2016 kl. 13:25:37

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Ron Wehmeyer

Hello my name is Ron Wehmeyer , I use Dusty Texian as my page name . I have lived in the United States of America , state of Texas all of my life. My hobbies are Hunting, Gun Collecting . My favorite Firearms are the 1876 / 1873 Winchester rifles and carbines I load for and shoot one of every caliber made in these type Winchesters , next are the Sharps rifles , and Hawken rifles. I have just purchased a very nice Kongsberg 1821/41/51 Jaeger rifle , Black powder handloading has been a favorite and necessary part of my shooting and collecting .I have always been interested in the European hunting rifles of old. My ancestors are some of the early settlers of Texas from Germany and used Jaeger type rifles to help settle this wild land . I still live and ranch in the same area of Texas that they settled on in the early 1850's. I want to thank the sponser of this forum for allowing me to join and I look forward to corresponding with others about the sport of old time Bp. collecting and loading/shooting. Sincerely Ron Wehmeyer .

jæger justnæs

Welcome to the forum, Ron :-)
Congratulations on the 1821.

Best regards
Best når det smeller!

Dusty Texian

Thank You for the welcome Jaeger Justnaes.  I do feel lucky to have found the M1821. I look forward to any knowledge that could be given about this Jaeger rifle . Ron.


Any show of getting some photographs - would be great for those of us who are not particularly familiar with the rifle. Welcome.

Dusty Texian

Thank You Staffy , for the welcome. I will start another post about the M1821/41/51 Kongsberg Jaeger rifle  and try to learn how to post pictures. Ron