Norwegian M 64/98 Lefaucheaux

Started by krinko, 19. June 2016 kl. 16:56:31

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Most of an M 64/98---

I have a donor pistol which could supply the loading gate, ejector and front sight but there aren't any of the top straps lying around loose in the USA.
If I can exist on a diet of cat food for a couple of months, I can afford to have this part fabricated locally. So the situation isn't hopeless.

Here is the donor, a regular M1864 in only fair condition.

Anyone with any tales to tell about the Norwegian Lefaucheaux, please tell them here.
Information is hard to come by, even on the internet.



In case you might not know, here is what a complete M64/98 Lefaucheaux looks like---


jæger justnæs

I don't have much to contribute with here but I would recommend having the missing parts made rather than using a donor. That will only leave another revolver with missing parts ;-)

There are some threads on restoring av shooting the military and civilian pinfire revolvers on the Norwegian forum. Some requires log in. They are in Norwegian, I would recommend a crash course in Norwegian and/or Google Translate. I hope you find it useful and inspiring.
Swedish Lefaucheux M1863 restoration
Norwegian Lefaucheux M1858/1859
Lefaucheux revolvers in general -  info and useful tips on how to load

Best of luck with your project(s)!

Regards, Tor
Best når det smeller!


You would be really lucky if the loading gate fits, most all were hand fitted.
But all in all, Brining it back to life will be worth it, I paid a fortune for mine.


Hi krinco,
         Jean Plamondon, p.s. militaria, Quebec Province, has  one of these for sale. But, there is the usual problem of getting military stuff out of Canada. Good luck!