Jarmann 3 band single shot rifle

Started by Staffy, 04. March 2016 kl. 12:27:45

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Hi Tor   -   although the barrel and bolt are fine, the operator has problems with arthritis in the wrists and fingers, which means it will be a show pony whilst with me.
      I now have photos of the 1860 Lund conversion, together with a Loebnitz pistol, but there are a few problems to sort before I can post them. Cheers.


What caliber does that rifle shoot?  I seen the name Jarmann, and I have 26 rounds of this weird ammunition I was told was 10.15x61R Jarmann Centerfire 8 ammunition, with a red shield, with the letter " N " inside the shield on the primer. You can call me at 7407043654, and wilkinsjl65@yahoo.com if you are interested in those 26 rounds.