1882 Black Powder hunt at Weltevreden farm 2017

Started by Gert Odendaal, 14. June 2017 kl. 12:10:11

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Gert Odendaal

Good day to all members.
Here is a detailed account about a Black Powder hunt we do in South Africa.
Here are the participants in this hunt

It all starts with loading the Kakebeen ox wagon on a trailer and tow it to the farm.Herman Nel build this ox wagon from the wheels up .He is the owner of this ox wagon. Weltevreden farm is a cattle farm with game on it. Since this year all the cattle have been sold and only game is on this farm now.

This is the group of participants in the 1882 Era Black powder hunt.
Willie Barnard : Owner of Weltevreden Farm/medical practitioner/Expert on fauna/flora/medicinal plants and their properties/Historian Boer War /Voortrekker history/knowledge about Rifles used in Boer war/Voortrekker era/farmer/violin player/musician par excellence/Camp commandant/owner of the only hunting dog named Patrys...

The campsite:

The Kitchen:

Original labels on the tin food cans, no new item is allowed in the camp. We try to keep all items as original as possible. All rifles are original from the 1800 era and copies of the 1800 era. We only shoot black powder in these rifles , no substitute is allowed.

Where did we sleep:
Some hunters slept on the ground, making a bed of grass , some pitched a tent and Herman Nel slept in his ox wagon. Hunters from Bloemfontein brought an original 1882 era tent they borrowed from a museum.
My own hand made tent:

We arrived first with the ox wagon and hunters from the Western Cape joined us later.

We sighted in the rifles at the shooting range:
The rifles we used:

Gert Odendaal

The rifles we used:

We did shoot the rifles at eighty meter distances on the shooting range to make sure every one is on target:

Dr. Willie Barnard , the owner of the farm :

Around the camp:

Working utensils needed around the camp:

Meeting the new participants from Western Cape, Dr. Wallace Vosloo( Nuclear Physicist) and Cleve Cheney ( former ranger in the Kruger National park, survivalist par excellence)  , Herman Nel and Hansie Minnaar.

Activities included:
Baking bread in a river bank:
Johan Greyling digging a whole in the river bank to bake bread in:

Roasting raw coffee beans to use as strong coffee :

Carving spoons by Wallace Vosloo to use in the camp:

Collecting fire wood for the camp :

Sharpening the camp knives for meat processing and making biltong: Hansie Minnaar doing the sharpening work..

Washing dishes:

Drinking coffee :

Skinning the game shot by the hunters:

Gert Odendaal

We did some camp cooking on the camp fire as well:
It sis important to have good tasting food in a hunting camp. We used the venison of the game we shot as well to make great tasting dishes:

I baked a Milk Tart as well..it is a delicious dish to bake over the hot burning coals of a camp fire

We did hunt as well, all game that is shot , is carried to the camp:

The next few photos will be about the processing of the game we shot....:-D

Gert Odendaal

Game Processing:
Dr. Willie Barnard cut all the biltong from the game shot by the hunters. I made the game sausage .

We made venison sausage. dry sausage/droee wors as well:

 We hang all the biltong on Eland rieme/thongs...

We even did recover a bullet from the nr.1 Musket used by Johan Greyling to shoot his Impala:

Gert Odendaal

Some more photos:

Willie Barnard mad music around the camp fire every evening:

I really hope you have enjoy this story about our hunt....

Gert Odendaal

Øyvind F.

Great post! A lot of fine guns and game there. I'll post the video in the more frequented Norwegian part of the forum.
Øyvind F. - forum admin
Ta også en kikk på kammerlader.no.

Gert Odendaal

Thank you Oyvind, it is much appreciated.
Is the video working ?

jæger justnæs

Awesome post, thanks for sharing Mr. Odendaal :-)
Really like the enthusiasm and authenticity of the group.

Best regards
Best når det smeller!

Gert Odendaal

Tor, thank you kindly for the positive remark, it really is much appreciated. Yes, we try our utmost best to improve our camping set up by only bringing along original or copies of the original camping utensils, rifles any other type of item used in the 1882 era. As indicated we try to be as proficient in processing meat, making 1882 era camp food in a traditional manner as well. Every member participant is a knowledgeable/expert on history, bush craft, craftsmen and just a enthusiast in using old original/copies of the old black powder muzzle loader rifles . I am already commenced planning the 2018 Black Powder hunt at Weltevreden farm. There is a possibility of bringing along two horses and two oxen , the oxen will pull a cart to fetch wood and the game shot .

Kind Regards

Gert Odendaal

Gert Odendaal

Members, are there any of you that has hunted in South Africa previously and is still going to hunt in South Africa in the near future? I really would like to hear from you in this regards.

The reason being that I am on the lookout to purchase a Krag Jorgenson 6.5x55 ( 1895 patent) or a copy of it The Long Krag 6.5x55 for Dr. Willie Barnard who is a collector of Anglo Boer War rifles , the Krag Jorgenson 6.5x55 was used in the Anglo-Boer War as well.

Naturally all required documentation /permanent export permits will be adhere to. I know there need to be applied for a permit to sell/permanent export such a rifle if it was manufactured before 1900, from the Museum of Defence , the area Police and Customs as well.

It will also be possible for the hunter to hunt Kudu, Impala and warthog on the farm. It will not be possible to take any part of the game shot back to Norway..only if the hunter do his own export of the cape/skin/horns on his own costs...:clap: :clap:

Dusty Texian

Mr. Odendaal , Thank you for the look into your hunting adventure. The pictures show that you and the others that participated , go the extra mile in order to make the experience as true like 1882 as possible.  If ever I was to be able to hunt South Africa , this is the type of hunting I would hope to find. Thank You again , Ron Wehmeyer .


Thank you for sharing this! Really love what you have done.
The movie (youtube) is great, is it made for a museum? I is really beautifully made.

what a great time that week must have been, I love the Afrikaner language (I'm Dutch) and would love to be back some day.

Excuse me for bumping this topic.

Cheers Rob