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Started by Shoots old guns, 07. September 2017 kl. 20:39:45

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Shoots old guns

I live in Boise, Idaho 'USA' & am new to the forum & have been collecting & shooting original English & European flint & percussion firearms for over 50 years .
My favorite competition & hunting rifle has been a very plain .70 cal. Danish Jaeger I acquired about 35 years ago & have been unable to find out anything about the maker. The lock is marked I.C. HAUGAARD in KIOBENHAVEN. I would very much appreciate if you folks could provide me with some information about the rifle. I will try to upload some photos. Thanks,

Øyvind F.

Nice rifle. IC Haugaard is probably Jens Christian Haugaard (1803–1861). He was a well known Danish gunsmith. He worked for the army arsenal at Københavns Tøjhus (Copenhagen Arsenal) from 1828 to 1837. After than he was a regimental gunsmith for 1st jydske infantry regiment. He also had a private shop in Copenhagen in which he made guns both for the Navy the civilian market. He was a member of the Danish army's small-arms committee in the 1840s.
Øyvind F. - forum admin
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Shoots old guns

Thank you for the information is much appreciated.
I recently purchased an original 1858 Remington new Model Army to shoot & found your excellent posting on the same on Pininterest & that led to me joining the forum.
I see your also dealing in some black powder era arms & supplies. I was in that business for many years perhaps I can recommend some suppliers of quality components on this side of the pond, if so feel free to personal e-mail me.
My wife & i attended many black powder shoots & rendevous in past years but due to age related issues I only collect & shoot pistols now.
If there is interest in black powder shoots in the USA I'll post some photos down the road. Important to keep interest in history of all nations alive.
Chuck aka Shots old guns