Swedish M1851 Kammerlader?

Started by krinko, 21. March 2015 kl. 3:54:22

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These are first photos, taken in haste with a cell phone; better detail photos coming soon. If I am not too lazy.

I had to search a long time to find even a photo of the kammerlader with this ring hammer and internal spring---found it on this site, a post from about 2008. Am I correct in calling this a Swedish M1851?

Date on the stock and bottom of barrel is 1854; internal parts are nearly perfect after 161 years.

Barrel is 26 3/4 inches long and seems to be about 54 caliber.

I have the rifle apart now and am seriously wondering if the crack---visible in the side photo---will interfere with my plans to fire this rifle. The crack is repeated on the left side and would seem to be a result of the wood shrinking around the receiver. The hammer will not cock when the rifle is in the stock, I think because the wood has shrunk and will not allow the large mainspring to rise far enough.
If I have to make a new stock for firing purposes, I will.


Here is the bottom of the barrel---

Any translation of the marks will be appreciated. Is "AH" a maker's mark?

Here is the interesting ring hammer lock in the cocked position. The lock is in perfect working order.

More photos later, anything you want to see?

Øyvind F.

Sure, keep the photos coming. I've posted a link to this thread to the Norwegian forum. An identical rifle was discussed there a while ago: http://forum.svartkrutt.net/index.php?mode=thread&id=17111
Øyvind F. - forum admin
Ta også en kikk på kammerlader.no.

Eldar Gulli

Welcome to the world of old guns .

I shoot my Swedish chamberloader despite all its cracks and imperfections with no ill effects .

In addition to the old cracks coming with the gun at the time of purchase
I had to do some repair on the stock after having lost the rifle on the ground
with rather devastating outcome .

The reason why it doesn't stay cocked with lock mounted in woodwork may have its explanation in the fact that the screw holding the lock in place is too long ,
and may benefit from loosing a bit of its length .
You may experience difficulties in getting parts to fit properly in woodwork
because of shrinkage or/and  -  as was the case with my example - you may have to
grind of small amounts of material from the metalparts as well as modifying the woodwork to improve the general fit of the components - both steel and wood .

All the above mentioned theories are difficult to ascertain without having seen the rifle in reality .

The caliber of the gun is about .60" or 15 mm .

Bulletmould is available from "Accurate moulds" in the US .
It is to be found in this firms catalogue under the name of "59-470S"

Don't know if this was of any help at all , but I wish you the best of luck with your Swedish chamberloader .


Thank you, Eldar, for your assistance. A mould from Accurate is the first order of business.


Mould has arrived, bullets are cast and I have found that U.S. musket caps are too large for the Swedish nipple. Bah!

I AM going to shoot this rifle, no matter what.

Yes, Eldar, the top screw goes in too far and blocks the hammer from going to full cock. I have made a cone washer to hold the screw higher and this problem seems cured. Thanks again for the tip.

Maurice Taylor

Dear Mr Krinko I found your  message by chance while looking over  Chamber Loaders I have on the same as yours  1845 AH  no 166  barrel about 33 inches inc breech I used a heavily patch  o/s Snider bullet   my stock was cut down shows cracks as you describe  likely too thin  as its heavy  I gather its  Naval pattern  but one authority disputed the date but he was more up on his Norwegian arms ,   mine shot fair figure of a man at 100 yards  but   expect could do better given the correct betting suiting  bullet .( I use the term figure of a man in its original context  the target was a ISU standard  card ). Seem to be fairly rare birds I have a  Kammerlader 1846/59 with later sight  (if lost)  I restocked it as there was no stock just the Brl & lock .. Bought mine a Friendship  Indiana
 years ago .  Regards  Maurice


This is my first post on this forum.
Here are some Pictures of my Swedish Kammerlader

The gun  has probably never been fired...
I will make a change to that this spring :-D