M1841 Kammerlader Cartridge in Italian Book

Started by IAC., 14. December 2020 kl. 4:15:21

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Hello Friends, Below you see a posting from this same forum, re. a prototype/proposed Kammerlader patron from 1841.
Today in an 1848 Italian military manual (Manuale per L' Istruzione Del Guardia Nazionale) I found a reference and drawing for this same cartridge; saying "Norwegian and northern cartridges have their primer caps attached".
I found this very interesting !,  IAC.


Sorry Friends, This is the actual M1841 cartridge I was refering to !

Øyvind F.

Interesting, but this cartridge was never adopted in neither Norway nor Sweden. It was tested however, at least in Sweden. After a limited amount of trials in the Swedish navy in 1831 and 1832 it was deemed too hazardous. It was considered safer to carry a separate cap pouch, because if a bullet hit an ammunition train containing hundreds of cartridge bundles they feared the whole thing would blow up if the bullet hit one of the integrated caps.
Øyvind F. - forum admin
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