Hevarmskrue til M1849 eller M1859 kammerlader

Started by Trond, 03. July 2014 kl. 15:39:49

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I think I have a M1959 Army Kongsberg rifle, made in 1860.  It has a bore of around 17mm
a length overall of 1m 26cms and the barrel length from the front of the breach opening
trap to the muzzle end is 772mm.  There is no sign of any changes to the woodwork by
the fore barrel retaining spring and it has a barrel lug to take a sword bayonet.
The serial number for this rifle is 12048.

I Would be grateful if you could confirm ID of this rifle.

You can see from the attached photo's that I am missing the circular locking nut that fits over
the square keyed breech opening lever.   ( to keep it in place )

Could you possibly give me the diameter and thickness of this screw in nut, if you know what
the metric screw thread size is, that would also be appreciated as I will try and get one made.
Otherwise the rifle is complete, do you think I should clean it up?


Jeg er blitt kontaktet av en amerikaner som gjerne vil ha bilde av og dimensjonene på skruen som holder hevarmen på en M1859 kammerlader. Er det noen som kan hjelpe ham?

Han får en link til denne siden, men skriv gjerne direkte til ham på epostadressen.