Started by Rolling bloke, 16. November 2020 kl. 9:54:39

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Rolling bloke

Anyone familiar with the (swedish?)
kaliber 6x36.
Appears in some Husqvarna mod 33.
Can't find any information 'bout this
Is it twin to a more known one?


Hi, the 6x36 is the same as 22 Vierling. The Sweeds is not allways easy to understand 😁

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The 5,6 x 35 R Vierling is close as is the 22 winchester single-shot 5,8 x 35 . It is a nightmare with sweedish measurments of calibres and it seems they are measuring in the bottom of the grooves sometimes..And these rifles could be ordered in whatever calibre so you will find som prettye strange  ones sometimes...

Rolling bloke