Swedish Dogleg Musket

Started by Robbert S, 06. February 2021 kl. 18:47:01

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Robbert S

Hallo everybody, I have been hopping over the internet over the last few weeks to try and identify the Musket which was handed down from my father. So far I have learned it is a Swedish Husqvarna (?) Dogleg Musket, converted to percussion in 1852 (?) but more details I could not find. The Musket has a lot of proof marks and I was hoping this forum could help me out with identifying some of these stamps. Any additional information is welcome.


Hi Robert,
I'm in no way an expert on black powder weapons, but since no one else responded to your question I'll try to help. As far as I can tell you have a Swedish infantry musket m/1815-49. That's a flintlock m/1815, apparently made by Husqvarna. In 1849 an order was issued for conversion to percussion, and this was then carried out by local workshops in the years following. I suggest you look up this musket at the Swedish Army Museum, which is found on digitaltmuseum.se and search for Gevär m/1815-49 INV 24529. That last part is the museum inventory number.

Robbert S

Vidar, thanks for the additional information on the Musket. I have been looking around for weeks on the internet, but never would have found the pictures from the digital museum. The pictures show an exact copy of the Musket I have, same everything! The conversion is also the exact the same as on my Musket. Using the 'm/1815-49' search term gave me some more hits from the same type of Musket and I think my quest to identify the musket has become to an end. :D My father bought the Musket over 50 years ago and was told, at that time, it was an old American Civil War Musket. No forums around at that time, to ask end get an (no) expert advice! Thanks so much for the information. Stay healthy. Cheers, Robbert.