Danish M1741 Markings

Started by UncleBob, 16. February 2022 kl. 11:44:49

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 Hi all!  I recently acquired this M1741 Pistol with some markings on the barrel and on the stock. A nice Gentleman, Jan Kramer, interpreted the barrel markings for me: L C N 23; Lierske Compagne 23. However, the stock markings remain un identified; Can any one help please?

Cap'n Redneck

The first two letters of the stock-marking could be interpreted as "J.T" , "J.F" , "I.T" or "I.F".....
The last ones are "C" and "No. 52"; so "Company" , "soldier No. 52".
The company-markings could also be Danish, and not Norwegian....
If someone else do not chime in with a possible explanation I will dive for "Ye Olde Cavalry Book"....
Sålenge det er bly i lufta, er det fortsatt håp......

Øyvind F.

Could be marking aldo be interpreted as «STC N.52»? ST could be Stjørdalske dragoon company. Just a theory though. As Cap'n Redneck says, the marking could also be Danish.
Øyvind F. - forum admin
Ta også en kikk på kammerlader.no.

Cap'n Redneck

I couldn't quite let go of this subject, and decided to add to the confusion.
My source is "Kavaleriet i Norge 1200 - 1994" by Lt-Col. Åke F. Jensen, page 273 onwards.

The Norwegian cavalry was first divided geographically in the "Nordenfjeldske Regiment" and the "Sønnenfjeldske Regiment". Literally meaning "North-of-the-Mountains" and "South-of-the-Mountains".  (The mountains being the Dovre range).  Due to available manpower, or lack thereof, the Nordenfjeldske was often understrength, and the Sønnenfjeldske was at times expanded into as much as 4 regiments.  Companies were frequently added, dismissed, combined and re-named.

So for the period 1750 - 1763 we find the following possible candidates:

2. SDR
Søndre Follo Compagnie.

3. SDR
Stange Compagnie, Søndre Toten Compagnie.

4. SDR
Søndre Jarlsberg Compagnie. (Lier Compagnie, ref. the barrel marking, was also in the 4th.)
Søndre Stjørdal Compagnie, Støren Compagnie, Nedre Stjørdal Compagnie.

Post 1767 the NDR had "Strinda Compagnie" added to it after a re-organization.

That adds up to a total of 8 candidates for the company-marking on the stock.
Sålenge det er bly i lufta, er det fortsatt håp......