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Started by MiniEdge, 23. December 2022 kl. 11:40:21

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I recently came over a lovely old blackpowder Husqvarna 12.7x44R (no nitro stamps) for sale in Sweden and as I understand that the gun is registered and must be exported.

If I would buy one what has the seller to do to export/ship it, or can I do this myself? I do not have to import it, an old blackpowder gun doesn't have to be registered where I live.

Cap'n Redneck

Exporting guns from Sweden has become both complicated and costly, lately.

You will need to supply the seller with a copy (or a link to the website) where it says that old blackpowder guns are not subject to registration in your country.

The seller has to apply for an export license from ISP (the Inspectorate for Strategic Products) This license costs about SEK 2000,- for one up to five guns.

Then the seller has to find a shipping company that will ship guns to your country, or you will have to travel to Sweden to pick it up and take it through a customs station.

Unless the seller is familiar with the process of exporting guns I would suggest that you contact the auction-firm "WalterBorg AB" in Stockholm.  They have a lot of experience with export and shipping of guns worldwide, but they don't work for free...
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Thank you for your answer.

It would be to much work for the private seller, and to costly of course.
So it is not going to work what is a pitty, why are the rules in the EU not the same everywhere ;)

The Dutch paper work is only time consuming but all most free (for now, that is also going to change in the near future I presume).

Cheers, have a nice X-mas



Hello All

Would this apply to antique non metallic cartridge breech loaders such as the Kammerlader?  I have a friend in Norway that might be able to help me find one, but want to go about it the right way and keep us both out of trouble.  Stateside, it looks like the US Border Patrol would just need proof of age or antique status. Not sure what the Norwegian government would require though or if any commercial shipping carriers in Norway would handle it.