Tappgevär med bajonett M1848

Started by DaJoPa, 07. April 2024 kl. 22:47:59

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Hello Forum,
I think I have purchased an M 1848 Tappgevär med bajonett. The lock is marked NT under crown for Norrtälje and the barrel has a stamp 1826. The measurements are according to Josef Alm's book tabel 2, Nr. 14, page 342, but I am not very good at reading Swedish. The barrel of my rifle has 8 grooves with a half twist over the barrel length. If I read this right is this a difference with the book which mentions 4 grooves.
How many of these rifles were produced? Can anyone give me some information about the distances of the rear sight? And can anyone give me some measurements of the ramrod with some pictures or is there somebody who can sell me a ramrod, because mine is missing.I also would like some information about the projectile this rifle uses.
Best regards, DaJoPa