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23. May 2011 kl. 0:38:58
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Can anyone please tell me the year when the L.H. Hagen & Co. Sportsartikler went out of bussiness.

Thank You, John

23. May 2011 kl. 6:56:58
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jæger justnæs

As far as I know, the outfitter's store shut in 1953.
The gunsmith/repair business went on in smaller scale and still excists as "Hagen Bøssemakerverksted" listed in the category "Repair of metal products". It is a one man business by Mr. Jan-Magne Hoel.


Let me add som spice to the soup; a L.H. Hagen rolling block in 10,15x61R
Best når det smeller!

23. May 2011 kl. 9:58:37
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Hello JJ,

Thank you very much for the information. And thank you for the spice! the soup is much better with it. :-D
That is a outstanding rolling block.