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Author Topic: RB rifles in 10.15 x 61 R  (Read 4430 times)

22. November 2011 kl. 14:05:37
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dear sirs
please advice if ever sweden or norway produced RB's  in 10.15 x 61 R jarmann
greetings from flanders

22. November 2011 kl. 14:19:51
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Øyvind F.

Yes, Remington rolling block rifles we're chambered in 10.15 Jarmann, but not as military issue. A lot of civilian rolling block rifles were made in 10.15, for example by gunmakers such as Lars Hansen Hagen and Hans Larsen. As far as i can remember, the 10.15 Jarmann was tested in Sweden in the military rolling block as well, but the 8 mm calibre was found superior, hence they used 8x58 in the Model 1889 rolling blocks.
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02. December 2011 kl. 21:29:35
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With thanks to wallenius for placing the question here ,

Here some extra informaton on the rifle. I wass trying to post some picture's but couldnt manage it.

It is a husqvarna with Carl gustav barrel. Without bajonet lug. Shorter barrel and special bedding in the front stock. Also some other minor diferences.

Kaliber 10,15 Jarmann.

I have already read something on the rifle.

I read this was a militairy test rifle and i read that these were rifles for loan by the government to shooting clubs.

The most important question for me. Were these rifles only test rifles. Or onley for shooting clubs. Or were they test rifles first and after that for shootingcubs?

Other question of course how many of them are there? What are the worth nowadays?

Many thanks