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Greetings to all the fine blackpower shooters and collectors.
I was very lucky a few years ago to find my first Kassepipe. And now, I have found another! Perhaps you kind gentleman can comment on? Of course it is no longer in original condition. But except for a very poor restocking job with a US 1903 stock and lots of plastic wood it seems to be with a Norwegian Grindreng lock, so I think I am lucky

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Cap'n Redneck

"Grindereng/Grindreng" is mentioned on page 55 of this book: "Norwegian gunsmiths from 1575 - 1900".
(this online book might not be accessible from foreign IP-addresses...)
I also did a search for "P Aarnes", but could find no match in the above mentioned book...

Sålenge det er bly i lufta, er det fortsatt håp......

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Thank you Cap'n Redneck,
Although you are correct I can not see it...
Limited access.
But I did find this old post so I know more know then when I started.   ::) https://forum.svartkrutt.net/index.php?topic=21567.msg21577#msg21577

And I see there are a few posts for P.Aarnes also.   ;D
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Besøk meg på www.krutnarr.no
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Nice  :)
I bought this Grindreng barrel from the USA a couple years ago. Looks like it is the same smith as the one who made the lock on your.