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Author Topic: What percussion caps fit a Kammerlader?  (Read 1381 times)

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I have a 1849/55 Kammerlader is great condition. I was wondering what percussion caps people are using. On mine. commercially available musket caps are too large and #11 and #12 percussion caps are too small.

Right now I am pinching musket caps to try to get them to stay on the nipple, but about half of them fall out when I close the chamber.

Surely there must be a good way to use modern caps?


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Cap'n Redneck

If You can get hold of the "RWS # 1218" musket caps with 6 wings, then they are a tad smaller than the "RWS # 1081" musket caps with 4 wings, and should stay more securely on the original nipple of a Kammerlader.
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jæger justnæs

I once cut the front of a spent .22LR cartride and stuck it on. Not sure if I used some epoxy, or if it was a friction fit only. Let the front with a slight bevel pointing out, somewhat lower than the top of the nipple. Worked pretty good with standard musket caps. Will add picture if I still have it.

Edit: Found it! It was pretty worn out and hammered flat, so it is shorter than a 'new' one. Also had a scew installed as a sleeve, the inside cone was very burnt out.

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jæger justnæs

Ah, forgot to upload both pictures and editing time was out. Here is a side view:

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Can seem to find any RWS 1218 caps available in the US right now, but I will look at Friendship in June (our biggest black powder event in the USA)

I will test the .22 LR idea as well!

Last night I tried fitting a CCI musket cap - it too was way to big, but it seemed to respond to being pinched to size a bit better than my RWS 1018 caps