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Author Topic: Sanftl Rifle from Paolo Bondini Italy  (Read 10180 times)

01. October 2008 kl. 14:31:31
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Hello and a good Afternoon

i have a offer to buy a Replika from an Austrian Target Rifle .This Rifle was offered in the `80th last Century from Bondini in Italy .The Rifle i am looking for is round about 25 years old and looks very nice.I checked the Barrel,Stock, Trigger and Lock and all semms to be OK and not brocken or damaged in any way .  

The Problem i got is that there are no spareparts available in Germany at present time. In 1996 Pedersoli relaunched this Rifle but,so far i`ve been informed,no part of this Rifle will match with the Bondini Rifle.
Ist there any Member who can tell me his experiences with this Rifle so far anybody has ever sell one of them your help will be very welcome

kind regards

03. October 2008 kl. 22:07:13
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Hi Klaus,
Hasnt used it myself but have hold it in my arms some years ago. Not that popular model among shooters nowadays. If you have a big nose you better watch out because of stock design. Can give you a punch every shot.

Dont remember the replica but my original Austrian (made by Anton Vent, Steyr)that has same design as Sanftl is light in front, the opposite compared to Pedersoli Bristlen Morges that in my opinion is to heavy. I guess Bondinis and Pedersolis replicas are more heavy barrel than the original because of smaller caliber.

07. October 2008 kl. 14:18:03
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Hi Arilar,

yes indeed, this Rifle was not made for longarms big noose shooters :-D

i`m searching in Google and other Forums but can`t find successful information about Sanftl at all.
Ok,i know about one or two collagues of mine they are using the Bondini with  different success on target in a german Forum most of Sanftl owners are using a patched round ball .440 or .445 with a load round about 30 grs of swiss 2
next saturday i will have my first experiences with this rifle i will let you know about it

Klaus :-)

02. May 2012 kl. 14:02:58
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Better late than never...

Hi Klaus

I owned a Sanftl rifle some years ago. I shot it from when I was 14 til I was 18.
It shoots well with the right bullet and load.
I could not shoot it with swiss no 2, because my nose got too much of a kick from the stock. I used the german PP-powder and about 30 grains. I used a light minie bullet with quite a pointy nose.
I know though that there is a maxiball bullet that is better.

As I got older, the rifle became to light for me, but I scored 98 at best at competition with it.
/I remember when music really mattered, and when radio was king.