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Author Topic: L.H. HAGEN & CO, CHRISTIANIA Rolling Block  (Read 9497 times)

12. July 2015 kl. 2:26:59
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I recently picked up this neat fullstocked rolling block 20 gauge shotgun.  It has a 30" octagonal barrel.  Top barrel flat marked L.H. HAGEN & CO, CHRISTIANIA. Anyone have any other Hagen built rolling blocks they want to share with the forum?

12. July 2015 kl. 19:55:16
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jæger justnæs

Nice one, Rudybolla :-)
I suspect that your gun might be an ex-rifle due to the barrel figuration and traces of the period type rear sight.

Here's mine chambered for the 10,15x61R:

Best når det smeller!

26. July 2015 kl. 14:39:32
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I believe you may be right. Looking at the L.H. Hagen marks on your example, and another I found photos of, it seems that the barrel has been set back maybe 1/2 inch for rechambering.  There is a rifle just like your for sale.  Maybe a little higher finish.  They are asking $1600+ for it.  Seems kind of high.
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27. July 2015 kl. 0:30:30
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And I never noticed the long filled dovetail in front of rear sight.  Light has to be just right.  Photo picked it up enough for you to notice.  Good eye.

16. August 2015 kl. 16:33:15
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Kan denne også være en Hagen riffel, (piben er fra en dansk m/67)


25. August 2015 kl. 16:16:40
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Here is a nice little Hagen. Caliaber is 8X57R Hagen. Perhaps someday I will make a few cases, until then it just sits in the safe looking pretty.

04. June 2016 kl. 20:21:27
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I am planning on selling the LH HAGEN 20 Bore, if any forum patrons are interested.  Send me a P.M.