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Author Topic: Ferguson or Baker rifle  (Read 9121 times)

26. April 2010 kl. 19:26:55
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HI can anyone tell me if you know of any maker who can build any of the above rifles to their orginal specs.

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27. April 2010 kl. 6:25:24
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Øyvind F.

Replicas of the Ferguson rifle are being made by Narragansett Arms Ltd. in Indianapolis.

The Rifle Shoppe makes Baker rifles; http://www.therifleshoppe.com/catalog_pages/english_arms/baker_rifles.htm However, they are known to be incredibly slow in delivering what you order.

militaryheritage.com sells Baker rifles without vent holes drilled: http://www.militaryheritage.com/baker.htm. http://www.westpointsutlers.org also seems to have them.
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The rifle shoppe also make the fergusson rifle but I agree with Oyvind, it would be faster to grow one than get them to make one :-D

Your other option for the Baker which I can recommend from personal experience (depending on where you are in the world) is Peter Dyson.

I have one and it is 100% exact, down to the .625" 7 groove barrel, the lock is marked like the original and the fitting is perfect.  It is not cheap and takes 1 year until delivery but it is the best there is. Very accurate despite the large caliber.  Pics on request!

As a reference, they made the rifle which now hangs in the mess of the 95th Rifle Regt. after their original was stolen.
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27. April 2010 kl. 17:33:34
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Red Crow

Hi xrayone,

I know the Rifle Shoppe (www.therifleshoppe.com)in the US sells kits for both the Ferguson and the Baker rifles (look under 'English arms' in their online catalog).

Sometimes Track of the Wolf (www.trackofthewolf.com)sells replica guns build by contemporary US gunsmiths. Check out the category 'guns' and select the type of gun (flintlock, percussion, etc) you're interested in. The description of the guns on sale includes the name of the gunsmith. I'm sure some of them would be more than willing to assemble a kit for you.

The contemporary longrifle association's website (www.longrifle.ws)features a category 'Artisans' which includes a list of hundreds(!)of contemporary gunsmiths building all kinds of replicas. Also on their website is a category 'for sale'. I know they had a replica Ferguson on sale there about six months ago. You may also find of interest the contemporary makers website: http://contemporarymakers.blogspot.com

Good luck

Red Crow

30. April 2010 kl. 19:49:38
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