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30. September 2010 kl. 3:56:01
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I just won this at auction and stated to be in 219 Zipper IMP. and no maker marks, dont know if I want to reload for 219 Zipper IMP.

I searched around and it looks to be of German heritage but am not totally sure.  Its missing the rear tang sight and assume impossible to replace, im a machinist by trade so may have to build one myself.

Thinking of rebarreling to 30-30 or 32 win special (Already have 32-40 borschard, 40-65, 45-70, 40 72 BP rifles) to shoot shilouette's out to 500 meters, but am looking for a mid size cartridge to shoot 200/300 meters.

Will take it apart and see if any maker/proof marks anyehere to denote lineage.

If anyone has any information or intimate knowledge of this particular action/rifle/style It will be much appreciated.

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