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Hello All!

New member here, my Father asked me recently gave me his "Wall Hanger" from above the basement stone fireplace. For years I thought this rifle was a Dyese needle gun due to the needle on the bolt.

Today I learned something, it is the Chassepot needle gun.  I will have to ask my father where he got this as it has been in our family for my lifetime however never shot.

It is complete with bayo & scappard, the only thing is missing is one screw on the trigger guard and also the rear sling swivel & screw.

Anyone here know where we may obtain these?

I have been into Muzzeloading (modern day - if I am allowed to say that here) for the past 15 years in hunting white tail deer in my home state.

Where does one go for the "Rubber Seal" and I suppose the "Paper Cartridges" would be hand made?

I think this would be a great rifle to shoot someday!

Thanks for any feedback.

I will have to get some pic's up as time allows.

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Hello and welcome.  There is information on making the cartridges as well as obtaining the rubber seal on the paper cartridge thread.  Sounds like you have a very nice collector's item.

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If you look down the post of paper cartridges, you will see my brief description on one way to make cartridges. Finding the overall length is crucial, too short and the cartridge will just get pushed forward in the chamber, too long and you will either not be able to close the bolt or will tear the cartridge when you do close it.  A chamber cast should do the trick.

In Europe we have standard 18mm plumbing washers which are just right for replacing the old ones.  On the left is the original, one the right is the new one.

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I bought some "rondelles" from a chap called jean-noel chaussepied


he makes them to order and will post anywhere

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This is interesting pages for chassepot patrons.
Full instructions
Lanquage is small

problem but pictures are perfect.